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By Viktor Lin | News | 18.04.2017 23:35 | Views: 1079 | Comments: 2The Easter tournament in Paris, sponsored by Variantes and Guo Juan’s Go School, took place from 15 to 17 April. Overall, the tournament attracted 135 players, including several of Europe’s best players to make an exceptionally strong top group.While the venue, the school „Georges Guérin“, is located in a wealthy district in the west part of Paris, occasional rain added a somewhat dreary tone to the mood of the tournament place. However, the organisation team more than made up for the lacklustre atmosphere, with flawless handling of the tournament. Fresh sandwiches, pastries, and beverages were conveniently offered on-site. Zoé Constans (who supplied the photos for this article) added an artistic element to the tournament by making drawings of the participants. Facebook page with her art (…)

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